NHAC takes to the airways

Supreme Courts' overstepping puts New Hampshire at risk

Manchester- Standing up in favor of local control of education and against the push for a broad-based tax, the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition announced today the release of their first broadcast commercial. Entitled "Who's Pulling the Strings", the spot shines a light on the overreaching actions of the Supreme Court, which has demanded that the legislature define and fund a so-called "adequate education".

"No one elected the justices," noted Chairman Mike Biundo. ""This whole debate on adequacy is an alarming testament of the court not being content to simply interpret the law but instead putting themselves in the business of writing the law".

"The legislators should abide by their true constitutional duty to preserve local control and fight unfunded mandates by the state," said Tammy Simmons, executive Director of the NHAC. "If they engage in this play-acting with the court and begin making broad, top-down education decisions that are best made on the local level, our New Hampshire advantage will be lost."

The voters need to remind their representatives about the separation of powers and they need to look closely at what the legislature is willing to give up in order to conform to an unwarranted court decision.

"Now is the time to act," stressed Biundo. "We need to tell our representatives that they are not subservient to the court, that we do not want state control of local education, and that our economic future depends on whether we reject the huge price tag that comes with conforming to the unjust court decision. Nothing less is acceptable."

The commercial can be viewed on Comcast Cable System and also on the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition's web site at www.thenhadvantage.com <http://www.thenhadvantage.com/>; .