NH Advantage Coalition says vote no on CACR 18 and HB927

The per pupil spending levels have almost doubled since the early days of Claremont I in both the states average, as well as some of the very districts that first petitioned the court. This trend is alarming and proves that even if the state picks up education costs even at a 50% level...CACR 18 will not stop an income tax.

HB 927 the Governor's adequacy bill that just passed the house will cost NH taxpayers close to $2.5 billion dollars.

Tell the Legislature to stand up to the courts, and vote no on both CACR18 and HB 927! Senate 603-271-2111 House 603-271-3661 Governor 603-271-2121

Call the Legislature and the Governor Today, tell them an Income Tax equals the loss of the New Hampshire Advantage.

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