Shea-Porter's Violation of House Ethics Rules

NH GOP Press Release

Just wanted to make sure you saw the piece in John DiStato’s Granite Status column in the Union Leader today about Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter’s campaign announcement posted on her federal website, which is an apparent violation of house ethics rules. Rep. Shea-Porter’s office chose to “blame the intern” instead of apologizing or accepting responsibility for the action. The whole episode is just another sign that this rookie Member of Congress is not ready for prime time.

Below is the piece from DiStaso’s column, and a statement I’m forwarding from the NRCC on the matter.


From the Union Leader::


Rep. Carol Shea-Porter's chief of staff, Harry Gural, called it a mistake by an inexperienced intern.The congresswoman's government Web site contained a press release dated Feb. 16 announcing that she "once again plans to run a campaign (in 2008) based more on message than money."

House rules clearly forbid political press releases from appearing on taxpayer-funded congressional Web sites.

"She has launched her campaign at taxpayer expense," said National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ken Spain. "It's either a blatant disregard for House ethics rules or another stumble on the part of Carol Shea-Porter."

When informed by the Status that the release was on the Web site, Gural immediately took it down.

He said it was "an inadvertent error by a junior staffer and does not reflect the high standards we set for our office."