Political Chowder with Arnie Arnesen 3/4/7

Political Chowder, New Hampshire's newest political television show will feature host Arnie Arnesen and guests, Dave Carney, George Bruno, Mark Fernald and Michael Johnson when the show airs on Sunday, March 4, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST on MyTV (WZMY- channel 50 out of Derry, NH). Political Chowder reairs on 28 public access stations across NH. Former NH State Senator, Mark Fernald; former Ambassador George Bruno; and Republican Operative, Dave Carney; discuss the hot topics on the political forefront this week.

On a local level, the roundtable discusses and debates topics ranging from underage drinking, to a Dartmouth professor/Astronaut with his eyes set on the U.S. Senate and whether or not New Hampshire is ready for a four year term for Governor. Then the roundtable moves to topics on the national front including the war in Iraq and the eroding prospects of Senator John McCain's presidential bid, former Massachusetts Governor Cellucci's endorsement of Giuliani and all things presidential.

Sunday March 4, 2007 marks the 2000th day since September 11- Are we safer??? Where is Osama? The second segment of the show focuses on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and its repercussions throughout the world. Michael Johnson, former Merrimack County Attorney and current Fellow at the U.S. Institute for Peace join Arnesen and Ambassador Bruno to discuss the alarming truth we face as the Iraq war devolves into a potential world calamity.

Political Chowder can be viewed on public access stations across the state, and can also be viewed through Google Video or listened to via podcast by logging on to www.politicalchowder.com.