New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Warns of Impending Income Taxes


Members of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition will be handing out the New
Hampshire education adequacy income tax forms before today's house session.

For Immediate Release:
March 6, 2007

New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Warns of Impending Income Taxes

Coalition Pre-Releases New Hampshire Income Tax Form

Concord, NH, Today the members of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, a bi-partisan, NH-based organization formed to preserve the economic and political blessings that make the state an attractive place to live and work, warned New Hampshire citizens that they will be soon facing an income tax by pre-releasing the "New Hampshire Income Tax" - a dark portent for the future.

Based on the legislative and gubernatorial proposals to somehow define and fund "education adequacy" for every town, parent and child, the New Hampshire Income Tax will most likely become the mechanism by which the politicians in Concord confiscate our money and destroy our local control of education.

"This can all be laid at the feet of an out-of-bounds Supreme Court that tries to make law, a politically-driven governor, and a legislature that has been unwilling to stand up for its Constitutionally protected power over the court," said NHAC Chairman, Michael Biundo

"If the Representatives don't refuse the Court's illegitimate and impossible demand to define 'adequacy', if they don't grab hold of the reins soon," said Michael Biundo, "This horse will run wildly towards a $2 billion education destination, and when it does, there will be only one way to seize that much tax money on a state-wide basis - an income or sales tax." According to the NHAC the median NH income is $57,8500 per year. A 4.4% income tax to raise the education funds would cost the average citizen $2545 per person in new taxes.

"This is the future of New Hampshire if we don't do something now," said. "It will be mass seizure of earnings through a broad-based tax, and redistribution of wealth from the politicians on high in Concord. You can bet that our broad-base-tax neighbors around New England are watching like vultures to see the death of what has been the New Hampshire advantage: local control of schools, and low taxes."

Business people are watching as well. If this Court-imposed income tax takes hold, there will be less incentive for businesses to come to New Hampshire. Two key components of attracting good employees are the tax climate and the responsiveness of local government. Employees are less inclined to join a company in a state with the burdens the Court would like to impose. All one need do is look at Connecticut and New Jersey to see how cow-towing to the unwarranted demands of politically motivated judges can destroy an economy.

We in New Hampshire need to seize the chance now to change course. "If we don't," said NHAC, Executive Director Tammy Simmons, just look forward to handing over at least 4% more of your earnings to the government, and having very little say over how it's spent. That is the Court's concept of "adequacy", and it will only get worse. Grab a pen, and sign on the bottom line, because if the legislature doesn't rebuff the court, it's coming."

The new tax form can be seen on the NHAC's website <>;