Whitman, Danforth, Ridge, Steele Reenergize Republican Leadership Council

Washington, D.C.) – Governor Christine Todd Whitman, Senator John Danforth and GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele today announced the launch of the Republican Leadership Council (RLC), a revitalized organization dedicated to expanding the Republican Party and promoting fiscally conservative, socially inclusive candidates.
Saying that the 2006 midterm elections demonstrated the need for a new direction within the Republican Party, the leaders have reenergized the spirit and mission that was the original RLC and have combined the organization with Governor Whitman’s It’s My Party Too PAC (IMP-PAC).
“After the losses in 2006, the reaction was overwhelming that we need to get the Republican Party back to its fiscally conservative roots,” said Governor Whitman. “The combination of the RLC’s proven fundraising prowess and IMP-PAC’s grassroots strength will result in a stronger, more effective effort to bring the Republican Party back to its traditional principles.”
The RLC will promote Republican candidates at the local, state, and federal levels who share their policy priorities of low taxes, balanced budgets, strong national defense, protection of the environment, and less government interference in individual lives. It will include a political action committee, which will be called RLC-PAC, and an issue advocacy organization, which will be called the Republican Leadership Council.

"As a former United States Senator and lifelong Republican, I hope that the Republican Party returns to its roots as an inclusive party focused on important issues rather than wedge issues that divide the American people," Danforth stated.  "We must appeal to the center of American politics in order to solve the big problems our country faces such as terrorism, the war in Iraq, the deficit, social security, Medicare and our dependence on foreign energy sources."

“Our party is at an historic juncture.  We can either choose to be fiscally irresponsible and socially divisive, or we can choose to be what we have always been – fiscally conservative, and respectful of individuals’ personal lives,” said board member Governor Tom Ridge. “A strong national GOP requires the inclusive, non-judgmental approach promoted by the RLC.”
“The RLC is going to be critical to holding the White House in 2008, recapturing the United States Senate and House of Representatives, and rebuilding the state houses and county offices across the country,” said Lt. Governor Steele.  “It will be up to us and similar groups to train thousands of Republican activists and recruit candidates for federal, state, and local offices.”
The RLC was originally founded in 1993 and was a significant force in elections throughout the country. The organization has not been significantly involved in any campaigns since 2003.
For more information, visit www.republican-leadership.com.