NH moves one step closer to losing the NH Advantage

Lynch and 15 Senators prove the Supreme Court is truly pulling the Strings in Concord

Manchester- On Thursday, April 12, the New Hampshire Senate and Governor John Lynch allowed the Supreme Court to pull the puppet strings once again. By a 15-9 vote margin the Senate passed CACR 18, Governor John Lynch's proposal to amend the NH Constitution, brining New Hampshire one step closer to the imposition of an income tax and loss of local education control.

"It is one of the most dangerous and poorly written ideas ever floated in Concord," said New Hampshire Advantage Coalition Chairman, Mike Biundo.

"Most observers, whether liberal or conservative, will note the key components of Lynch's amendment; the total loss of local control, the imposition of unfunded mandates on the towns, and the potential codification into the NH Constitution of a supposed 'Right' " observed NHAC Executive Director Tammy Simmons.