Three scoops for Team Romney

From the Romney for President Campaign


By David All, 04/13/2007 -11:06am

Mitt Romney is having a pretty good week in the online sphere. (Good that is if you consider reaching out to " us " and connecting with " us " on our terms for the first time a good thing - which I do.)

Let's dig in...

1. This morning, Team Romney launched an official campaign blog, “Five Brothers,” which will be authored by Romney's five sons. The brothers – Tagg, Ben, Josh, Craig and Matt – will write posts and share video and photos from the campaign trail on a daily basis. The blog already features introductory posts from all the brothers and a YouTubeintroduction by oldest bro, Tagg. Additionally, they each have their own RSS feed and a link to their MySpace page.


The concept is unique and interesting, but I don't really want to read analysis by Mitt's five sons ALL the time. They won't really be able to say what always needs to be said and they could take some of the comments more personally then they should.


My hope (and I've left a comment on the blog saying as such) is that they include senior advisers who can dig in to the data of polls credibly, crunch fundraising numbers, and talk tech. After all, former tech President contributor Mindy Finn and rising star Stephen Smith are together, manning the modern media guns at Team Romney, so it should make sense that we see their personalities wade in to the pool with their commentary.


are together, manning the modern media guns at Team Romney, so it should make sense that we see their personalities wade in to the pool with their commentary.Perhaps expecting my concern, Smith notes in an email:


Importantly,while the five brothers will provide the voice of the blog and the bulk of the regular content, Governor Romney and his campaign will have a developed platform for communication with the blogosphere (and the conservative grassroots who read the blogosphere) unlike that available to the other major contenders for the Republican nomination.


Regardless,if you can believe this, Mitt is the first top-tier Republican candidate to have a blog. Finally.


2. Mitt is also the first candidate -- Republican or Democrat-- to take advantage of the YouTube You Choose"Spotlight" feature with this video.


Mitt's video is solid. It was made for the medium, it's authentic, Mitt's talking with us (on our level), and they didn't try and "flash" it up with snappy edits, or brand it with their website. He has set the standard and I hope his experience will send a signal to Republicans throughout the nation that they need to get on YouTube asap.


The video is so good, in fact, that James Kotecki, a.k.a. EmergencyCheese, awarded Romney the "second halfof his YouTube Savvy Award."


And I was sopumped to see Romney engaging us that I made a response video asking Mitt how he plans to reach out to Gen Next voters. (Ed. note: this response is extremely partisan and I'm only posting to show the inspiration to post a response -- not make you mad.)


(Random Thought: To my surprise, I found it's much, much, much harder to make an authentic YouTube video response without being able to edit out the pauses and the uncomfortable "ums." In fact, I think it's more difficult than doing live TV. I have a new respect for guys who have been Tubing for a while. And, by the way,it's quite fun if you've never Tubed.)


3. Last but not least, Governor Romney posted a question on Yahoo!Answers, "How can we change the tax code to ease the burden on our families and promote growth and innovation?" As of this post, he's received about 10,000 responses.


I don't personally, Yahoo!, but it's cool. I get it. This is a great pool to jump in to to engage "us."




Mitt's taking the steps this week that I would have deployed months ago -- and certainly before money was spent on TV buys.


But,we can't let the perfect stand in the way of the good (especially with Republicans), so I'm going to dish out three scoops of