Bill Richardson Calls Supreme Court Decision on Abortion Ban a "Dangerous Step Backward"

SANTA FE, NM- New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's today joined with Americans across the country in criticizing the US Supreme Court decision in the Federal Abortion Ban cases.

"Today the Supreme Court took a dangerous step backward in regard to Americans' rights to personal choice and privacy," said Governor Richardson. "In doing so, the Court disregarded the opinion of experienced and respected medical professionals who oppose the ban because there are no exceptions protecting women's health. While not unexpected, I believe this unfortunate decision is a clear signal that the Supreme Court is opening the door to further challenges to personal medical decisions between patients and doctors that should not involve the government."

Governor Richardson has consistently opposed any attempt to limit women's reproductive rights, and as a Congressman voted against similar proposed bans and restrictions on a number of occasions."I am concerned, as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg stated so clearly in her dissenting opinion, that this vote could be the beginning of 'an effort to chip away a right declared again and again by this court'," added the Governor. I sincerely hope that is not the case."