Shea-Porter Votes for the Taxpayer Protection Act

WASHINGTON - Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted on Tuesday in favor of the Taxpayer Protection Act (HR 77).

The bill has several provisions. First, it requires the IRS to notify taxpayers if they are the potential victims of identity theft. Second, it outlaws web sites which "phish" for consumer data by masquerading as official government sites. Third, it requires the IRS to notify individuals who may be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which aids low-income families.

The legislation also simplifies tax filing procedures for businesses owned jointly by married couples, protects citizens from "predatory" companies which offer loans to taxpayers expecting tax refunds, and makes it easier for citizens to recover tax payments that are incorrectly levied by the IRS.

"The Bush administration has slashed taxes for the very wealthiest people in the US," said Shea-Porter. "For the rest of us, this means more national debt and fewer government services."

"Democrats in Congress are working to make the tax system fairer for the middle-class. Our budget extends tax cuts for working families - without raising taxes."

"This legislation provides further protection to the middle-class. It helps the "bottom 99% of us "that have been forgotten by the Administration. I am proud to vote for this bill."

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