Romney For President Reports $23 Million In Total Receipts For The First Quarter

Boston , MA Today, Romney for President announced it raised $23 million in total receipts for the First Quarter ending March 31, 2007. The Campaign opted to raise no general election funds and raised $20.63 million in primary contributions. The total includes a $2.35million loan from Governor Romney.

The strength of Governor Romney's fundraising demonstrates that his message of change in Washington through innovation and transformation is resonating with people across this country.

"Governor Romney is winning over voters and supporters because he is the candidate with the best ideas and the most detailed vision for leading the country into the future. Governor Romney's fundraising totals are indicative of the extraordinary success he has had reaching out and discussing important issues with the American people," said Romney for President campaign spokesman Kevin Madden.

FAST FACTS About Romney For President's $23 Million In First Quarter Fundraising:

· Amount Raised ALL In Primary Contributions: $20.63 Million

· Governor Romney Loaned $2.35 MillionTo Romney For President.

· Contributions Received From All 50States And Washington, D.C.