CONCORD – Gov. John Lynch is always first to the scene in the event of a flood, but is he willing to say or do anything to stop the flood of left-wing legislation being passed by his Democratic majority in the legislature? Gov. Lynch’s Democratic majority is:

  • Increasing the state budget by 16%, spending even more than the Governor proposed.
  • Raising taxes on car registrations and real estate sales, raising taxes even more than the Governor proposed.
  • Adopting Nanny State laws mandating the use of seat belts, banning smoking in private businesses, prohibiting the use of trans fats in cooking – even establishing a $250 fine for releasing a helium balloon!
  • Repealing the moderate parental notification law.
  • Adopting same-sex civil unions.
  • Even voting to legalize hemp, sponsoring a tax on candy, almost legalized marijuana, and tried to overturn the death penalty.

“Silence is consent, and Governor Lynch’s silence while his party gallops leftward is deafening,” said New Hampshire Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen. “If Governor Lynch continues to say and do nothing to tell his party’s legislative leaders they are going too far, too fast, one can only conclude it is because he agrees with them,” Cullen said.

“Rushing off to view flood damage isn’t leadership. It’s part of the job description. Remaining silent while his Democratic legislature floods New Hampshire with left-wing legislation isn’t leadership, either,” Cullensaid.