NH Advantage Coalition Shocked by Senator's Comments

Manchester - The members of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition expressed shock and dismay at the comments of State Senator Iris Estabrook Friday, after her public disclosure that she voted in favor of John Lynch's proposed amendment to the Constitution because she was driven by "loyalty and courtesy.""It's stunning," said NHAC Chairman, Mike Biundo.

"What else can I say? The level of political gamesmanship and deference to Governor Lynch and the Courts is absolutely shameful, and has no place in the debate over one of the most important matters ever to face our elected officials."At issue were comments written by Estabrook, and published by the Nashua Telegraph on Thursday, April 19. In a letter to the editor, Estabrook explained that, although she actually opposed John Lynch's proposal to amend the NH Constitution, she voted for the amendment last week in the Senate.