ARLINGTON,VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today released the following statement:

“It comes as no surprise that America’s most liberal interest group would attack John McCain’s belief that we cannot allow Iran to destroy Israel,” said spokesman Matt David. “After all, posted ads comparing President Bush to Hitler during the last presidential election.”


In 2004, MoveOn Featured Two Ads Comparing President Bush To Hitler On Website

MoveOn Website Featured Two Ads Comparing President Bush To Adolf Hitler. “One ad begins with Adolf Hitler making speeches,until a picture of President Bush appears. Another also uses Nazi and Bush images, with the tag line: ‘What were war crimes in 1945 is foreign policy in 2003.’ The videos appeared on the Web site of MoveOn.Org’sVoter Fund as part of a nationwide contest for an anti-Bush television ad onwhich the liberal group plans to spend a considerable sum.” (Howard Kurtz, “Anti-Bush Ad Contest Includes Hitler Images,” The Washington Post, 1/6/04)

· Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Rabbi Marvin Hier: MoveOn Ads “Shameful And Beyond The Pale [With] No Place In The Legitimate Discourse Of American Politics.” (Simon Wiesenthal Center, “Simon Wiesenthal Center Criticizes MoveOn.Org For Posting Ad Comparing Bush To Hitler,” Press Release,1/4/04)

· Anti-Defamation League’s AbrahamFoxman: MoveOn Ads “Vile And Outrageous” And MoveOn’s Explanation “Hardly Comforting.” (Anti-DefamationLeague, “Hitler Ad Should Never Have Appeared On MoveOn.Org,” PressRelease, 1/5/04)

MoveOn Director Zack Exley Called Response To Hitler Ad Controversy “Typical Republican Bulls--t.” (Michael Hastings, “Getting Out The Stars,”Newsweek, 1/13/04)

MoveOn Pushed For Peaceful Response To 9/11, Opposed Military Action Against Taliban In Afghanistan

After 9/11, MoveOn Petition Called For “Justice, Not Escalating Violence That Would Only Play Into The Terrorists’ Hands.” “Joan Blades of Berkeley, a founder of MoveOn.Org… said her group had collected 30,000 signatures since the attacks Sept.11 on a statement calling for ‘justice, not escalating violence that would only play into the terrorists’ hands.’” (Tony Pugh, “Against Tide, They Clamor ForPeace,” The Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/21/01)

MoveOn Petition Said Governments Harboring Terrorists Should Not Be “Held Unduly Accountable” For Actions Of Terrorist Groups Within Their Countries. “Furthermore, we assert that the government of a nation must be presumed separate and distinct from any terrorist group that may operate within its borders, and therefore cannot be held unduly accountable for the latter’s crimes.” (MoveOn.Org Website,,Accessed 12/17/03)

MoveOn Ran Ads Featuring Statue Of Liberty With Hood Over Its Head And Surrendering American Soldier In Iraq

MoveOn Ad Featured “Doctored Photo” Of Statue Of Liberty With Hood Over Head. “[MoveOn] used imagery they knew would be controversial: a digitally doctored photo of the Statue of Liberty,hooded to remind viewers of what happened to some Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison as a narrator says ‘something has gone terribly wrong’ in Iraq.… the liberal advocacy group begins airing the ad, titled ‘Fire Rumsfeld,’ in 14 major cities today.” (Mark Memmott, “Producers Decided Not To Use AbuseImages In Ad,” USA Today, 5/23/04)

MoveOn Ad Depicted American Soldier Surrendering In Iraq.“[T]he liberal group produced a TV ad titled ‘Quagmire’ asserting that Mr. Bush lacks plans to end the war. ‘George Bush got us into this quagmire,’ the narrator says as an American soldier sinks deeper into quicksand, rifle overhead in a posture that suggests surrender.” (Todd J. Gillman,“History Of A ‘Quagmire’” The Dallas Morning News,9/27/04)