ARLINGTON, VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced that former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, the Honorable Robert ‘Bud’ McFarlane, and former CIA Director R. Jim Woolsey* have endorsed John McCain for President and will advise his campaign on energy and national security issues.

The trio of former top-level security officials pledged their support to Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign and will continue to play a key role in the campaign’s focus on the intersection of energy and national security issues.

Secretary James Schlesinger served as U.S. Secretary of Defense under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, as well as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President Nixon. Dr. Schlesinger was also appointed to be the country’s first Secretary of Energy. He divides his time between MITRE, which focuses on modernization of aviation, defense and intelligence, and the investment banking firm Lehman Brothers. Schlesinger also serves as a consultant to the Departments of Defense, State, and Homeland Security as a member of the Defense Policy Board, the Arms Control and Nonproliferation Advisory Board, and the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

“America’s dependence on foreign oil is a critical issue of national security,” said Schlesinger. “John McCain is a leader with the character and credibility to ensure that our nation’s safety and prosperity does not rest in the hands of hostile regimes.”

After serving as a DeputyNational Security Adviser and the President’s Special Representative in the Middle East, Robert C. McFarlane served as President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor from 1983 to 1985. In 1976, McFarlane was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, the Navy & Marine Corps’ highest peacetime military decoration. He is the founder of Global Energy Investors, which develops energy infrastructure projects in Asia and South America and serves as the chairman of Energy and Communications Solutions, a developer of energy and communications infrastructure.

“It makes no sense for America to be funding both sides in the struggle against radical Islam or to remain vulnerable to the whims of unstable foreign sources of oil," said McFarlane. "John McCain understands this and that the means for relieving these anomalies are within our reach.”

From 1993-1995, R. James Woolsey served as Director of Central Intelligence. Previously he served as Ambassador to the Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe and Under Secretary of the Navy. Woolsey practiced law in Washington, D.C., for twenty-two years before becoming a consultant specializing in energy and security. Woolsey also chaired the board of Freedom House and currentlychairs the advisory committee of the Clean Fuels Foundation. Woolsey serves on the National Commission on Energy Policy and he and former Secretaryof State George P. Schultz co-chair the Committee on the Present Danger.

“John McCain has the resolve to push for advanced technologies that will lead to greater energy independence for America,” said Woolsey. “As president, he will foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the diversification of our energy supply.”

Senator John McCain stated that he was proud of the support and counsel he has received from these globally recognized leaders in America’s energy and defense sectors. “These individuals are recognized and respected for their seriousness and leadership on the important security issues confronting our nation,” said Senator McCain. “I am honored to have their support, and I look forward to working with them to develop innovative policies that move America forward.”

*JamesWoolsey’s views are his own and do not represent any organization or business.