Libertarians Lament House Budget

Concord - The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire expresses dismay at the NH House for passing the largest state budget ever. At 11% over the last budget, it represents fiscal irresponsibility that will burden the good citizens of this state.

This budget doesn't even come into balance honestly, with the House combining the education trust fund into the general budget to avoid admitting there is a deficit. Was this the fiscal responsibility the Democrats campaigned on?

The LPNH is also disappointed that there were no Republican calls to cut any budget item, instead the conversation focused only on revenue estimates.

This budget would make home ownership harder in New Hampshire. The increased real estate taxes will make it more expensive to buy a home, and those same taxes will go to fund LCHIP which will make it more expensive to buy a home or property thanks to the state buying up more land. The doubling of various fees to get any development done will also increase new home costs, as they will just get passed along to the buyer.

Libertarians hope the Senate will take a much harder look at the budget and follow the lead of so many towns across our state and avoid adding big-ticket items to the current budget and the resulting higher taxes required to pay for them.