ARLINGTON,VA – U.S. Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign today announced its New Hampshire leadership team is organized, active, and prepared for the campaign’s official launch on Wednesday, April 25th.

The influential state leadership team will continue to build Senator McCain’s organization in New Hampshire in preparation for the state’s first-in-the-nation primary. The team is led by former Executive Councilor Peter Spaulding, who served as Senator McCain’s New Hampshire chair in 2000.

“John McCain has proven himself as a strong and consistent leader,” said Spaulding. “It is an honor to again chair his New Hampshire organization and work with this outstanding team to match the success we had here in 2000. We will help elect John McCain as the next President of the United States.”

Former New Hampshire state party chair Steve Duprey cited Senator McCain’s straight talk on the issues.

“John McCain is an extraordinary leader who can be counted on to stand on principal. In these challenging times, America needs a Commander-In-Chief who will not be swayed by pundits or polls,” said Duprey.

Senator John McCain expressed his confidence in the organization. “I am proud to have the support of this experienced group of individuals,” said Senator McCain. “Their counsel will be critical as we continue to build our grassroots organization in the state.”

New Hampshire Leadership Organization


Peter Spaulding

HonoraryState Chair

Walter Peterson


County Commissioner Maureen Barrows

Chuck Douglas

Steve Duprey

Susan Duprey

John Lyons

Jayne Millerick


Richard Brothers

Steve Hodges

Ralph Rosen

John Vorel

Kurt Webber


Sheriff Scott Carr

State Rep. Gene Chandler

County Commissioner David Sorensen


Bill Beauregard

George Carmichael

Sheriff Richard Foote

Eric Stanley

Joe Vitale


Ed Ashby

Luc Cote

Joe Gallegos

State Sen. John Gallus

State Rep. Fred King Sr.

Sheriff Gerald Marcou


Charlie Barry

Karen Cervantes

Barbara Dutile

Sheriff Doug Dutile

VFW State Commander Daniel Greenlaw

Allen MacNeil

Rich Robinson


State Sen. Peter Bragdon

Donald Caron

Rhona Charbonneau

Paul Chevalier

Bobbi Coffin

Dr. Griffin Dalianis

John Gill

Sheriff Jim Hardy

Robert Madigan

State Rep. Maureen Mooney

Walter Morse

State Rep. Andy Peterson


County Commissioner Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh

William Champagne

County Commissioner J. D. Colcord

Bill Grimm

County Attorney Dan St. Hilaire

Sheriff Scott Hilliard

Brad Newbery

Greg Smith


Karen Baetzel

State Sen. Jack Barnes

State Rep. D.J. Bettencourt

VFW Ladies Auxiliary President Beth Castricone

State Sen. Mike Downing

State Rep. John Flanders

Chris Goodnow

Eugene Pawlik

State Rep. Nancy Stiles

County Commissioner Donald Stritch


John Calo

Dana Hussey

Matt Mayberry

Frank O’Neil


Chris Irish

Donald Weatherson

Cityof Manchester

Michael Annis

Jeff Frost

William Golding

Vic Goulet

Keith Hirschmann

Robert St. Onge

Leo Pepino

Cityof Nashua

Nelson Allen

Alderman Mark Cookson

Scott Cote

Alderman-at-Large David Deane

Alderman Robert Dion

Treasurer Dave Fredette

Wayne Gagne

Paul LaFlamme

Alderman Dave MacLaughlin

Alderman-at-Large Brian McCarthy

William Mosher

Dot  Nice

Mayor Bernie Streeter