NH Commonsense Marijuana Policy ACTION ALERT

ACTION ALERT: Questions for Candidates in May 3 Debate!
Friends of Marijuana Policy Reform,
In the coming days we have a unique opportunity to affect national politics. The first Republican presidential primary debate will be held May 3, and a site called Politico.com is co-host of the debate and will be providing questions from readers.
A number of very good drug and marijuana policy questions have been posted on the site by a user called MAD MAX. They appear to be taken directly from the list of questions our activists are beginning to ask presidential candidates when we meet them in New Hampshire. If you want to hear one of these excellent questions asked during the debate to be televised nationwide, please take a minute to register at the site (painless, requires little info) and vote for the questions posted by MAD MAX. (Feel free to add your own good questions, of course – it’s a semi-free country!)
The question I like best at this early stage of the debate is as follows: “The next president will preside over the 40th anniversary of America's longest war, the ‘War on Drugs.’ Are we winning the federal War on Drugs? If the answer is no, what serious policy changes would you institute as president?”
The question has been posted, along with several questions specific to marijuana policy, as general questions to any candidate. However, some of us think the best strategy is to target Congressman Ron Paul directly, because we know he will seize the opportunity and strongly criticize the entire War on Drugs on national television. Search under “Ron Paul” to find the questions submitted by MAD MAX for Congressman Paul.
Searching by “most recent” might be the easiest way to find the MAD MAX questions, most of which were posted April 20 (which is a sort of holiday for some, I understand). Voting is really quite simple, and your vote could be the one that puts our questions into the debate! Please visit the site right away and vote!
Additionally, Politico.com will hold a second round of voting for top choices DURING THE DEBATE, so please log in during the debate to vote for the questions you want to see asked!