Pullout from Iraq in 08 and Bush veto' is not a plan

Orion Karl Daley believes that a time line for the pull out of Iraq in HR 1591 is not a plan, but does provide the opportunity to account for proposed plans. He believes that without a real plan, given a time line, the Republican vision of a blow out in the region with a Iranian and Saudi dynamic is a reasonable probability; and that any anticipated American interests would also loose strategic ground.

Mr. Daley suggests that by adding an amendment that a comprehensive plan must be provided that includes political solutions for Iraq as a condition, then the time line can be honored.

Candidate Daley of the Balanced Party believes that for the Iraqi people to be considered freed that this means free from turmoil and civil war. In this manner, the United States would accomplish its stated mission to free the Iraqi people; and there would be no question from the world of American honor and leadership which has cost over 3,000 American lives, and severely wounded upwards of over 30,000 other brave American soldiers.

He does believe that time lines are critically important when it comes to milestones. For Iraq, besides telling the so-called insurgents, and Prime Minister Nnuri Kamel Al-maliki's Iraqi government that it's time to act, it also affords the opportunity to start putting political solutions on the table which the Iraqi people, including the Sunnis and Shiites, in all fairness can and are compelled to consider. This is regardless of their leanings toward Iran and Saudi Arabia. It's a matter of what political solutions are put on the table.    

Mr. Daley sees that the standing Iraqi government as a political solution is not strategically viable as it is part cause of the Civil war. He further views that phased withdrawal regardless of not announcing as to when, could make remaining American troops, in being fewer in number, even easier targets.

Mr. Daley suggests that as responsible interests, in parallel to the 08' time line, the United states should work with the UN to deliberate plans that can then be presented to Iraq for consideration. He contends that the 12 million people who did vote, given other options might have voted for something else, where there could even have been a greater turn out. Given plans that are ultimately sponsored by the UN, and backed by the United States for Iraq to vote on, civil war would at least have a cease fire from neighbor killing neighbor in the heart of Baghdad.

He also believes that this strategy would give Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, John Edwards, and other Election 08' Presidential Candidates, the ideal opportunity to provide clear, decisive and responsible plans even before the Election Primaries. For that matter it also tells the United Nations to get working !

Candidate Daley does propose a plan at his campaign website ( http://unity2008.org ). His plan accounts for the fact that like the Kurds, any culture, such as the Shiites, and Sunnis want their own Sovereignty; and therefore have their dignity within their own autonomy. And that this should be the starting point of any plan to be considered for stewarding political solutions as it is the cause of the Civil War.

The Daley Plan, aka 'Peace with Dignity' ( as listed in Google ) was written in 2004. It proposes 3 sovereign nations of Iraq that have fairly shared their resources such as Oil; and that as sovereign nations, have full UN representation and protection from their neighbors, and are able to become part of OPEC; and that Iraq decides the government model for each new nation.

He believes that by having sovereign nations, there is also less potential of an Iranian, or Saudi dynamic compared to when in civil war; and the momentum of Jihad from outside interests will dissolve. Any presence of Al Qaeda would be come resented by the 3 nations of Iraq.            

In Mr. Daley's plan, each of the 3 nations being sovereign, are able to invite foreign interest as they see fit. The United States he believes would be a welcomed guest, and one of the more attractive investment sources and strategic partner in any one of their economies. This is due to having demonstrated an honorable interest in them as a people in the first place.    

But at a minimum, he believes, to require a plan for the time line demonstrates unquestionable responsibility of Congress, where the $100 billion in additional spending toward military operations ONLY in Iraq and Afghanistan can be achieved, and where other needed and outstanding domestic funding is no longer viewed as pork by the Republicans.

He also dismisses the view that American solders fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq prevents terrorists in the war on terror from coming over here in boat loads in order to invade our shores. In fact for him it is reminiscent of the Nixon warning that in leaving Vietnam that the communists would invade our shores. The Vietnamese invite Amercians now as tourists to Hanoi.

Further he sees that our National Guard better serves a much needed purpose in guarding and protecting our borders and ports as opposed to building walls between countries and leaving our ports unprotected.

Mr. Daley notes, that in not having the Timeline 08', there is no budget, and without executive branch agreement, there is no time line. If we write to our representatives about this on both sides of the aisle then they are on notice that a responsible and timely solution is expected from our representation.