What We Rant About Over Beers

Rubens Talk at 4/18 Belknap GOP: What We Rant About Over Beers

Over dinner and beers with Republican friends, conversation often discloses both deep frustration and broad agreement. Frustration over how far our party has drifted from core principle and the national interest  and remarkably broad agreement about where we should go.

Unfortunately unless prompted, most presidential candidates do not talk in public about what grass roots Republicans talk about in private. An applause line about limited government, personal responsibility and a strong national defense is not enough.

So, in the spirit of our unscripted, first-in-the-nation primary, I've hit the road, addressing Republican groups, encouraging us to play our historic role in focusing national debate on the tough topics.

My next stop:

Belknap County GOP meeting

Wednesday, April 18, 6:30 pm

Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Meredith


Topics include:

· National debt & bankrupt entitlements programs

· Partitioning Iraq

· Dangerous weakness in national defense

· Open borders & immigration

· Pork, earmarks & the K-Street Project

· Radical tax reform

· Fossil fuel addiction


Jim Rubens