CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen called on Gov. John Lynch to elaborate on a statement he made in an editorial board meeting with Foster’s Daily Democrat earlier this week about his proposed education amendment.

According to a Tuesday news story by Foster’s Adam Krauss, Lynch said: “ I plan to after June 30 immediately start working with lawmakers to first identify a costing methodology, because I may have a different way of costing this out than others might, and that could lead to very different results. ”

Cullen said: “Governor Lynch is asking for a blank check from the legislature and from taxpayers. They are being asked to commit to funding 50 percent of an unknown amount for education. If Gov. Lynch has a ‘costing methodology’ in mind, he should tell us what it is. The Governor’s statement again begs the question, ‘50 percent of what?’

Cullen continued: “Specifically, does Gov. Lynch intend to count any funding a town gets from the state – whether for roads or for school construction or for any other purpose – against that town’s education funding allotment? If so, towns could be facing huge cuts in the amount of education funding aid they receive currently and intense pressure to raise local property taxes,” Cullen said.

“I do not believe Gov. Lynch has the votes in the house he needs to get his amendment passed. He needs 240. There are only 238 Democrats, not all of them will show up and not all who do will vote for his amendment. He’s going to need Republican votes to get this amendment through the legislature,” Cullen said.