ARLINGTON, VA - U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that twenty-three influential state representatives in Maine will support the Arizona Senator's presidential candidacy.

Republican House Minority Leader Josh Tardy spoke to Senator McCain's strong support in Maine. "Maine Republicans want a leader who can get things done," said Tardy. "Building a strong team in Maine is made much easier because of John McCain's common sense approach and principled reputation."

State Representative Kerri Prescott commented on Senator McCain's record of service. "I'm honored to support John McCain and his steadfast commitment to the ideals that make this country strong," said Prescott. "We face serious times, and Senator McCain is a leader who has credibility and experience with the issues that matter most."

Senator John McCain welcomed the support of these Maine leaders. "I'm very proud of the amount of support I have in Maine," said Senator McCain. "These are respected public officials who work diligently to provide serious leadership in their communities. I look forward to having their support as we move toward a renewed perspective in this country."

Representative Josh Tardy, House Minority Leader
Representative James Annis
Representative Rich Cebra
Representative Kathy Chase
Representative Dean Cray
Representative Phil Curtis
Representative Harold Ian Emery
Representative Stacey Fitts
Representative Ken Fletcher
Representative Jeff Gifford
Representative Randy Hotham
Representative John McDonough
Representative Everett McLeod
Representative H. Sawin Millett
Representative Gary Moore
Representative Kerri Prescott
Representative John Robinson
Representative David Richardson
Representative Wes Richardson
Representative David Savage
Representative Thomas Saviello
Representative Joseph Tibbetts
Representative Windol Weaver