John McCain On NBC's "Meet The Press"

Excerpts From NBC's "Meet The Press"
May 13, 2007

John McCain, On The Consequences Of Failure In Iraq:

"It's my job to give my best estimate to the American people -- no matter what the political calculations may be -- as to what's the best in our nation's national security interest. Young men and women are risking their lives as we speak in Iraq, and I know that they will be in greater harm's way if we withdraw from Iraq as we keep debating over and over and over again. And I know what's best in my mind and my experience and my knowledge and my inspiration as to what's best for this country." (John McCain, NBC's "Meet The Press," 5/13/07)

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John McCain, On Doing What's Best For The Country:

"I know what war is, I know how evil these people are. I know what war and peace is about, and I know the consequences from my study of history and knowledge and background -- the consequences of failure. So if I'm the last man standing, I have an obligation to do what my conscience and my knowledge and my background and everything I've known through my well-experienced life is best for this country, and I will not change from that position. But I also understand what public opinion does and what democracies do, but that doesn't mean that I change my views and my positions and blow in the direction in which the political winds are blowing." (John McCain, NBC's "Meet The Press," 5/13/07)

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John McCain, On Pork Barrel Spending And Government Waste:

"Spending on an unfunded liability in Medicare Part D for 800 billion or a trillion dollars is an unfunded liability as well. Expanding the size of government as well. Failing to veto big spending bills, such as a highway bill with a $233 million-bridge in Alaska to nowhere. Spending has got to be reined in. Vetoes have to be issued by the President of the United States. Earmarking has to stop, which not only increases spending, but causes corruption." (John McCain, NBC's "Meet The Press," 5/13/07)

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John McCain, On Being Ready To Lead:

"I believe that I may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but I'm certainly the most prepared, and I'm prepared to lead this country. I don't need any on-the-job training. I am ready to do the hard things, not the easy things, and that's what i intend to do." (John McCain, NBC's "Meet The Press," 5/13/07)

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