What they said about Gov. Huckabee Debate performance

Debate night was a good night. My Dad's jokes were funny (they aren't always!) and his energy and enthusiasm for our country and our Republican Party's ideals were clearly evident.

You don't have to take my word for it because unbiased people all over the country are saying the same things:

Byron York, National Review: "Huckabee did so well, both in California and South Carolina, that if the tiers were determined by debate performance alone, he’d be in the top group."

David Brody, CBN News: "Overall, I thought Mike Huckabee did really well again tonight. He was smooth and likeable just like he was a few weeks ago in California. He had the line of the night when he said 'Congress has spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop'."

John Podhoretz, National Review: "Huckabee really elevates these debates with his smooth and eloquent presence."

Kathryn Jean Lopez, National Review: Please Include Me in Rudy McRomney: "I "could use the bump," Huckabee says. Is it condescending to call a governor "adorable"? Such a likable, uplifting guy."

Just as encouraging, the campaign's blog received dozens of similar comments from supporters nationwide.

Last night my dad showed America who he really is, and clearly Republcians liked what they saw and heard. Coming out of the debate you can help keep the momentum going by:

1. Telling Your Friends - We need to inform voters of my dad's positions and we need your help to do it. Click here and enter your friends' e-mail addresses and invite them to join you on Team Huckabee and please tell them why "I Like Mike!".

2. Contribute - Your financial support is crucial to this campaign. With your help, we can make certain America has the opportunity to learn what we already know: my Dad is a proven leader and authentic conservative.

3. Join the Discussion - Website traffic soared last night after the debate. We encourage you to join the ongoing discussion on our blog.

My Dad likes to say this campaign is a marathon not a sprint. We are gaining momentum. Help us keep going.

Thank You, 

Sarah Huckabee