WZMY-TV Political Chowder Lineup for Sun. May 20th

A potpourri of NH and presidential topics …


·   It's all about the women – Hillary picks up some female political endorsements but Obama matches her catch-for-catch

·   Talk about torture. Did you see the Republican debate?

·   Hagel takes a swipe at Gonzales and Mayor Bloomberg outpolls Giuliani in NYC. How do you spell third party?

·   Rev Falwell dies. What is his legacy?

·   Can't drop out; can't smoke; milk is more dear; but thank God that economic windfall, hemp, continues to be outlawed.

·   2008 Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan (all the Republicans want to be him) now has a NH network

·   Hillary and Obama agree that we should bring the troops home (before they take the reins)  

·   GOING GREEN – How do 6,000 people combine to have zero effect on the environment? A university leads the way.



   All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


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The Week in Rewind goes political (no surprise):


Donna Sytek - former Speaker of the House (the Mother Superior of this panel)


Dave Carney – Republican consultant (hack)

Rick Newman – lobbyist (beer, butts and booze)


The Interview: Going Green – a university's promise to the environment


Southern New Hampshire University has made a commitment to decrease its carbon footprint. How does a major university go about doing that?


President Paul LeBlanc Southern NH University    

Roy Morrison – Energy consultant




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