DSCC says Editorial Boards support Dem Iraq Bill

As the president prepares to veto the Iraq funding bill later today, newspapers outside the Beltway are weighing in, and they are overwhelmingly joining the American people in supporting the package and criticizing GOP Senators who chose to stand with Bush. Here are some examples:

ME: Collins “Had Her Chance” To End the War, and She Voted No. A local editorial criticized Susan Collins’ on Friday for failing to take a stand against President Bush’s war. Collins, they wrote, “had her chance yesterday to stand against a war that Americans want brought to an end and she may not get another. Is the GOP really going to let Mr. Bush drag it to ruin?” In addition, Collins faced hundreds of anti-war protesters at home in Maine this weekend. [Berkshire Eagle, 4/27/07 ; Portland Press Herald,

MN: Coleman Says MN Voters “Have Had Enough” Of the War, But He Still Opposed Withdrawal. After voting against the Supplemental bill on Thursday, Norm Coleman acknowledged,“I believe the people of Minnesota have had enough of this war.” Before the vote, the Star Tribune editorial board praised Minnesota Democrats for supporting the withdrawal plan.“The American people are with the Democrats on this,” they wrote. [Albert Lea Tribune,

NH: Editorial Questioned Bush’s “Breathtaking Ignorance” on Iraq. In a weekend editorial, the Keene Sentinel wrote that Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech four years ago today “ reflected a breathtaking ignorance of the situation on the ground.” As for Bush’s claims today that he knows what he’s doing, they added,“That’s a bit like the principal of a school with soaring dropout rates, plummeting test scores, doors falling off the hinges and graduates who can’t read insisting that he’s on top of things.” [KeeneSentinel, 4/29/07 ]

KY: Editorial Praised Senate Vote As “A Reality Check” For Bush. In an editorial after the Senate adopted the withdrawal plan, the Lexington Herald Leader wrote, “ It is time to hold the administration accountable for an ill-advised, badly managed war with no concrete goals and no real end in sight… Congress is doing what it has to do to make the administration answer to the public.” [Lexington Herald Leader, 4/27/07]

TX: Editorial Praised Congress for Trying to Deal With Bush’s Mess in Iraq. After the Iraq bill passed the Senate last week, the Austin American-Statesman editorial board praised Congress for having “the courage” to send the bill to President Bush. “The president is complaining about Congress encroaching on his authority and trying to micromanage the war,” they wrote,“but that is the result of his and his administration's mismanagement of Iraq.” [Austin American-Statesman, 4/28/07]