So How Much Does Your Haircut Cost?

A joke I used in the last Republican debate comparing Congressional spending to John Edwards spending money in a beauty shop seems to have gone over pretty well. Folks that hadn't given my campaign for President much thought, sat-up, took notice and then began to listen to me a little more closely. Since then people have been flooding my website to see where I stand on the issues and signing up to receive my campaign emails.

I made the joke to make a serious point about how out-of-control congressional spending is these days. While answering questions during the debate I also expounded upon my support of the Fair Tax and why I am so passionately pro-life among other things (with a joke or two thrown in for good measure). Of course it would be great if people only paid attention to you because of the serious things you say, but I learned long ago from my days as a Baptist minister that sometimes humor goes a lot further with folks.

With such a positive reaction to my joke, we began to brainstorm about how we could have a little bit more fun at the expense of John Edwards' hair!

A resourceful staffer came up with the idea of asking people to leave a comment on our blog telling us how much they pay for their haircuts (the consensus seems to be falling between $10-$15) and so I thought, why not
ask people to contribute to my campaign what they would typically pay to have their hair cut, or contribute what I pay ($15) when I visit my barbershop.

Because, besides hearing about my joke after the debate, I also heard a lot of talk about my campaign needing to raise money in order to effectively compete with John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. While I have always focused on ideas, I am learning how truly important it is to have staff, organization and the necessary financial resources in place in order to get your message out to the voters.

And so today, I am asking for your help.

We have added a Barber pole to my campaign website, the kind that hangs inside or outside of barbershops all over this country, but probably not where John Edwards gets his haircut! As contributions come in we will mark them off on the barber pole.
Our goal is raise 400 contributions over the next 96 hours.

I encourage you to contribute whatever amount you can afford, contribute what you would normally pay for a haircut or contribute what I pay for a haircut which is $15.

To make a contribution, please
click here.

From now until June 30, we will periodically place the barber pole on our website. Each time we do, we will target 400 contributions of whatever amount you can afford over a set period of time.

We think this is a fun way to raise money and demonstrate how our base of support is growing.

So today, I ask that you make a contribution and do so within the next 96 hours.

You can make a contribution online, which only takes a minute or two of your time, on our secure server and is easy to do.

Or you can call my campaign at 501-324-2008

After, you make the contribution, ask 3 of your friends to also make a contribution.

Together and with a little help from our campaign barber pole, I am confident we can reach our financial goals between now and June 30 and in doing so demonstrate the growing support behind my campaign.

Gratefully yours,

Mike Huckabee

 Mike Huckabee