Applaud Magazine names Senator Clinton an Inspirational Woman

MANCHESTER, NH – Applaud magazine, which is “New Hampshire’s only magazine for and about New Hampshire women,” named Senator Hillary Clinton an Inspirational Woman for its cover story in its Summer 2007 issue. Over 25,000 copies of the magazine are distributed for free to various locations throughout the state, including Hannaford’s grocery stores and local businesses.

“I am honored to have received this special recognition from such a strong voice for women in New Hampshire,” said Clinton. “Women across the country are ready for change and I am ready to lead that change.”

Applaud focuses on issues related to New Hampshire women, seeks to encourage women to achieve their personal best. The magazine regularly shares stories of Inspirational Women in an effort to motivate and inspire its readers. The article and cover are attached.

“Hillary Clinton has raised the bar for all women. We now have something higher to strive for, rather than just maintaining the status quo,” said Susan Caldwell, Applaud’s founder and publisher. “In naming Senator Clinton an Inspirational Woman, we chose to focus on her life and achievements, rather than her campaign issues, as an inspiration to for our reader’s own great achievements.”

The Applaud cover and article are available for download.