SEIU Members Call For Candidates To Walk in Their Shoes

Billboards in Early Primary and Caucus States Put Workers’ Issues Front and Center -

Members of the nation’s fastest growing labor union announced today a new round of billboards in the airports and on the highways of early primary states telling presidential candidates that if they want their vote, candidates need to walk a day in their shoes.


“The first thing candidates see when they step off the plane on the campaign trail are SEIU members telling candidates what their lives are like and asking them to spend a day experiencing it with them,” said SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger.“These billboards help ensure the issues important to working people are front and center this election.”


New billboards and airport posters featuring SEIU members will go up at the end of May featuring a Head Start teacher in Des Moines, Iowa; a corrections officer in Manchester, New Hampshire; a custodian in Las Vegas, Nevada; and a nurse in Columbia, South Carolina. Billboards will continue to rotate through the primary season.


SEIU members launched the Walk a Day in My Shoes campaign in January with a first set of billboards inviting all presidential candidates to spend time on the job and in the homes of SEIU members to understand what it’s like to be a worker today. Sen. Edwards has already spent a day with a CNA in New York and Sen. Biden, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Dodd, Sen. Obama, and Gov. Richardson have all agreed to participate.


SEIU members featured on the billboards are available for interviews.You can view billboards, video, and blog postings from members at