CONCORD – The New Hampshire Union Leader’s John DiStaso reported this morning that U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter denies that she votes in lock-step with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership in Washington. This revelation came a surprise to those who read the Concord Monitor report last month about how Rep. Shea-Porter’s had voted 100 percent of the time with Speaker Pelosi during her first three months in Congress.

According to DiStaso, Rep. Shea-Porter “said she has not voted with the leadership 100 percent of the time. ‘There are plenty of votes where we've been all over the map,’ she said. She did not cite a specific vote.”

“Given the Concord Monitor’s report last month, I’m skeptical that Rep. Shea-Porter has suddenly found an independent streak,” said New Hampshire Republican Chairman Fergus Cullen. “Can Rep. Shea-Porter provide us with even three examples of bucking Speaker Pelosi’s position on important legislation in Washington?”

Cullen noted that Shea-Porter had passed up three opportunities to show independence just this week. “Shea-Porter continues to play politics with funding our troops and the Iraq supplemental bill; she voted to protect fellow Democrat Rep. John Murtha who has all but acknowledged breaking House rules; and is poised to vote for watered-down lobbying restrictions supported by her leadership team,” Cullen said.