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  • The NH State Budget-one think tank sees big holes – GOT CASH
  • Verizon – Fairpoint … a telephone deal from hell or the technology answer for the North Country
  • To belt or not to belt…Governor mum on the issue of seatbelts
  • Hillary may skip Iowa Primary…didn't work for McCain
  • Republican's Gay problem: (1. V. President Cheney's gay daughter delivers baby, 2. Republicans build national coalition to oppose Rudy's liberal agenda - code for abortion and gay rights, 3. State Republicans form anti civil union group)  
  • What do John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, David McCullough, Lamar Alexander, and Mitt Romney have in common? They are all trying to stop the construction of a large wind farm off the coast of Nantucket.


The Week in Rewind with:

Susan Bruceblogger, North Country columnist, political operative

Tony Paradiso – Nashua Telegraph Columnist, professor, radio - TV commentator and marketing, management expert

Pam Price – State Representative Nashua, Republican Whip

The Interview:

Wendy Williams  - author of CapeWind – Money, Celebrity, Class, Politics, and the Battle for Our Energy Future on Nantucket Sound

 All this and more, Sunday @ 11am on Political Chowder


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