Sen McCain On "The Sean Hannity Show"

"I Am Prepared To Lead And I Want To Do The Hard Things, Not The Easy Thing. And It Is Very Easy To Kill Legislation. It's Always Easy To Come Out Against Something. But I Owe It To America And Our National Security Requirements To Do Something To Change The Status Quo." - John McCain

Excerpts From "The Sean Hannity Show"
May 24, 2007

John McCain, On Our Broken Borders:

"I am prepared to lead and I want to do the hard things, not the easy thing. And it is very easy to kill legislation. It's always easy to come out against something. But I owe it to America and our national security requirements to do something to change the status quo. The status quo is broken borders and 12 million people who are in this country illegally, six of whom just decided they wanted to kill people at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Three had crossed our border illegally; three were here on expired visas. It's clearly a national security issue, and my commitment is to the future of the country, and my children and grandchildren..." (John McCain, "The Sean Hannity Show," 5/24/07)


John McCain, On The Consequences Of Inaction:

"I do the hard things. The fact is that you can either do one of two things. You can round up and deport 12 million people, which, no one yet that I know of knows how you do that, or you put them in some kind of probationary status which they do not have citizenship, they don't have a green card, they've got to go back to the country of origin, they have to pay a 5,000 dollar fine, and they have to get in behind everybody else which is at least eight years and could be as many as 15 years after they could even qualify for to be even green card or citizenship now. ...And if you think that just, if enforcing existing laws is the way out, then again, we respectfully disagree. There are 12 million people who are not going to turn themselves in. Some of them are bad people. And some of them want to do bad things in this country, as those people who wanted to attack Fort Dix, and I don't think they're willingly going to line up for deportation." (John McCain, "The Sean Hannity Show," 5/24/07)


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