Sullivan Hits Long on Budget

Sullivan Opposes Fiscally Irresponsible Budget Proposal

(MANCHESTER)- Peter Sullivan, a candidate for alderman in Manchester's Ward 3, today criticized incumbent alderman Pat Long for his budget vote on Tuesday night.

"The budget passed by the Board of Aldermen isn't a Democratic budget, and it isn't a Republican budget. It's a bad budget".

"This budget proposal is fiscally irresponsible and intellectually dishonest. Pat Long put short-term political considerations ahead of long-term fiscal discipline, and he owes his neighbors an explanation and an apology".

"The proposal guts the city's economic development reserves, leaving us unable to deal unexpected capital expenditures; it fails to trim the bureaucratic bloat that makes Manchester government expensive and unresponsive; and it uses one-shot revenues to fund ongoing needs, a fiscally foolish approach. The board should rethink its vote and craft a truly responsible budget", said Sullivan.

"As a member of the Board of Alderman, I will work to reform the entire budget process. It's time for a budget driven by real needs, not special interest pressure, and it's time to demand accountability and results from department heads. If they refuse to deliver cost-effective results, they need to find a new line of work".

Peter Sullivan, an attorney, served three terms as a Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Peter and his wife, Katya, reside on Blodget St.