May 2007 Edition of "Trend Lines NH"

NH lawmakers are nearing completion of theirwork on the State's next two-year operating and capital budgets andunlike many prior budget preparation cycles, the biggest disagreement inthis budget appears to be about revenues rather than expenditures. In theattached May  2007 issue of "Trend Lines NH" we add oursto the increasing number of opinions on the revenue outlook for NH stategovernment and bring what we think is some semi-rigorous analyses andinsight along the way,

Highlights from the May 2007Trend Lines NH : "NH Revenues - Out Of Gas& Up In Smoke?"    

  • NH's Revenue Outlook. (pg. 2)
  • Clearing the Air on Cigarette Taxes. (pg 2)
  • Are Foreclosures Lifting Real Estate Transfer Tax Revenues? (pg 3)
  • Gasoline Taxes are Running on Empty.(pg 4)