Showing of 'Thirst'

Free and Open to the Public

What: Showing of Thirst, a documentary film concerning the looming fresh water crisis, the story of its assault, and the fight to stop it. This film is part of a campaign to secure water rights in local communities in the hands of the people and prevent it from being sold by global corporations for profit.

When: 7:00p.m. May, 8, 10, 15, and 17

Where: St Matthews Episcopal Church,

3 North Mast Road, Goffstown,NH


And: 7:00p.m. May 9

Where: Goffstown Public Library,

2 HighStreet, Goffstown


Discussion about whether it is more advantageous to a community to have its water supply treated as a commodity and sold for profit on the world market or retained as a public trust for the benefit of the local community. Who should decide this important issue?

Sponsored by: Citizens of Barnstead for A Living Democracy, Alliance forDemocracy’s Water for Life Campaign, and NH Preserve Our Water Rights(NH-POWR).