"John McCain Won" With "Grade-A Performance"

Red State Blog's Erick Erickson: "John McCain won. Let's not dance around this. John McCain was willing to be blunt, critical, and honest." ("Red State" Blog, "Who Won & Who Lost First Take," www.redstate.com, 5/3/07)

· Power Line Blog's Paul Mirengoff: "Frankly, I think John McCain had the best night." (Power Line Blog, powerlineblog.com, Accessed 5/3/07)

National Review's Jim Geraghty: "[I] think he gave a grade-A performance. Fired up, some good lines, and in command." (Jim Geraghty, National Review's "The Hillary Spot" Blog, 5/3/07)

National Journal's Marc Ambinder: "[McCain] was in the zone " (Marc Ambinder, National Journal's Hotline "On Call," "Pre-Spin Analysis: Not Hardball," hotlineblog.nationaljournal.com, 5/3/07)

McCain "Looked Really Energetic Off The Top," Delivered "Crisp" Answers

CBN's David Brody: "McCain looked really energetic off the top, obviously trying to show that he is a serious leader who is a guy who knows how to get things done." (CBN's Brody File Blog, www.cbn.com, Accessed 5/3/07)

NBC's Chuck Todd: "McCain looks to be the most prepared tonight. His answers are crisp and ready for air." (MSNBC's First Read Blog, 5/3/07)

· Todd: "McCain solid." (MSNBC's First Read Blog, 5/3/07)

NBC's David Gregory: "McCain came out firing early." (MSNBC's Post-Debate Coverage, 5/3/07)

McCain "Forcefully" Said He Would Follow Bin Laden "To The Gates Of Hell." "Mr. McCain then came back and said forcefully that he would do whatever is necessary' to capture Osama bin Laden and then exploded with a big finish: I'll follow him to the gates of hell.'" (Kathryn Q. Seelye, The New York Times' "Caucus" Blog, "Liveblogging The GOP Debate," blogs.nytimes.com, 5/3/07)

Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman: "I think that John McCain has to be feeling very good tonight when it comes to the issue of abortion. He's been consistently opposed to abortion throughout his political career." (MSNBC's Post-Debate Coverage, 5/3/07)

The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan: "McCain was easily the strongest on spending " (The Atlantic's "Daily Dish Blog," "Instapudit," theatlantic.com, 5/3/07)

CNN's Bill Schneider: McCain's Answer On Spending "Highlights His Strength: His Experience In Government." "McCain's answer on spending highlights his strength: his experience in government. When he talks about cost overruns in defense acquisitions, he sounds like he understands the problem from experience." (CNN's "Political Ticker" Blog, "Schneider: McCain Touts Experience," www.cnn.com, 5/3/07)