Limbaugh's Snipe Targets Obama

I wanted to make sure you saw this story from Saturday’s Chicago Tribune regarding nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh’s continued airing of the racist parody song, “Barack the Magic Negro.”  Media Matters first posted an item about the song and Limbaugh’s use of the term on March 20. If you have any questions or need further information please feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Here are some links to our previous work on Limbaugh followed by the story from Saturday’s ChicagoTribune:

Latching onto L.A. Times op-ed,Limbaugh sings "Barack, The Magic Negro"

Limbaugh:"[M]inorities never do anything for which they have to apologize"

Limbaugh:"Could we not say that if Obama wins ... he will own Al Sharpton?"

Limbaugh:"The government's been taking care of [young blacks] their whole lives"

Limbaughon Obama: "Halfrican American"

Limbaugh called "Barack Hussein Obama" a "half-minority"

Limbaugh claimed "[t]here can only be one reason"

Limbaugh invented "racial component" to Hackett's decision to withdraw from Ohio primary race

Criticizing Sen. Obama, Limbaugh called him "Obama Osama"

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"Obama parody draws fire" by Christi Parsons of The Chicago Tribune