Granite State Taxpayers Oppose CACR 18

Bedford , NH  May 7, 2007. Following a review of CACR 18, Gov . Lynch's proposed constitutional amendment dealing with the New Hampshire Supreme Court's various decisions on school funding, the Board of Directors of Granite State Taxpayers adopted the following resolution at its meeting on Tuesday, May 1, 2007:

Granite State Taxpayers expresses its great regret that after many promises to solve the school funding crisis, Gov . Lynch has proposed a constitutional amendment that will enshrine donor towns in our constitution, promote further educational funding lawsuits, and take away local control from school boards, while still not ensuring that less affluent communities can adequately educate their children. For these reasons, Granite State Taxpayers opposes the passage of Constitutional Amendment Constitutional Resolution ( CACR ) 18.

The New Hampshire Advantage of no broad-based taxes and a low tax burden continues to produce the strongest economic growth rates and healthiest population in not only New England, but also by many measures, the country. Moreover, our system of strong local control of education has allowed New Hampshire to provide elementary and secondary education for its children that is among the best in the country, and for expenditures that are some of the country's most efficient. It is important that we not destroy these advantages in an overly compromised, mediocre, and ill thought out effort to accommodate a dreadful series of court decisions.

According to Granite State Taxpayers Chairman Roy Stewart, "We have to send our lawmakers back to the drawing board. As it is now designed, CACR 18 will destroy local control of education, accept mediocre results as an adequate education, permanently designate some communities as donor towns, and be so costly that broad-based taxes will be the inevitable result."

Granite State Taxpayers was founded in 1990 by Governor Mel Thomson and State Senator George Lovejoy. It is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-profit organization of New Hampshire citizens. For more information, please log onto .