NH Common Sense claims Media Blackout of Pot Issues

I think the appropriate reaction to Thursday night’s debate is a brief moment of righteous anger. Politico.com chose to do nothing with the excellent video questions we submitted, and the two drug and marijuana policy questions which were present in the final round of voting did not get asked, so I guess the media blackout continues. Did we simply fail to get enough votes, or was there a media conspiracy afoot? I don’t have the answer, and besides, I prefer to focus on the good news.

So here it is.

Our new website and project to engage the presidential primary process on marijuana policy will be launched within ten days. I can’t wait to unveil the new website and then start meeting with fellow anti-prohibitionists again. I’m also happy to announce that we now have a Paypal link on our website and are accepting online donations. Your donation today will help us develop our website, purchase essential campaign materials and merchandise, and succeed with our anti-prohibitionist, anti-propaganda campaign.

We’re using this process to tell Washington, D.C. that if New Hampshire wants to decriminalize marijuana, permit hemp cultivation, and grant access to medical marijuana, that should be New Hampshire’s right! If you agree (and we know you do), please consider making at least a small donation to help us get going on our new project.

Matt Simon
NH Common Sense

P.S. I was interviewed for Norml’s Daily AudioStash Thursday – the audio is available on the front page at nhcommonsense.org if you’d like to take a listen and tell me how you think we’re doing.