NHAC Urges Representatives to Vote No on CACR18

Concord, NH - Raising a wallet filled with only a blank check, Tammy Simmons, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Advantage Coalition, announced today that Governor Lynch’s proposed amendment, CACR 18 will most definitely take a major bite out of every taxpayer’s pocketbook and urged legislators to vote no on the amendment.

“CACR18 will leave the taxpayers with nothing but an empty wallet,” said Simmons. “The Senate voted on this amendment without knowing the costs. We’re calling on House members to not blindly follow in their footsteps. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that when you add mandates such as kindergarten on towns that it is going to be costly for the taxpayers.”

Under the Lynch amendment the state will pay 50% of education costs and local municipalities will pay the other half. Taxpayers can expect to pay higher local property taxes due to unfunded mandates passed down from Concord while the state is forced to implement an income tax to pay for their half.

“The Governor should admit his amendment will force the state to institute an income tax. Come clean Governor. How else will the state afford your definition of an ‘adequate education’?” asked Simmons.

“Each year, this proposed amendment, along with HB927, will push spending higher and higher, taking more from our wallets and leaving us little or no way to control how it is spent. That is not what New Hampshire wants or needs,” she said.

“What has made New Hampshire unique and given us the most vibrant economy in the northeast is our ability to control the size and spending of government on a local level. If CACR18 passes, there will be no mechanism to control spending or to stop further lawsuits. This will increase spending even further and leave no way to stop the politicians from taking more and more of our money in the form of a broad-based income tax. That is the last thing New Hampshire needs,” added Simmons.

For more information, contact Tammy Simmons, Executive Director, at 235-9998 or visit our website at HYPERLINK