Marchand criticizes Bush + Sununu for Vetoing Expanded use of Human Embryos for Research

PORTSMOUTH, NH)—Calling for real leadership on lifesaving cures, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Steve Marchand condemned John Sununu’s enablement of President Bush’s anti-stem cell research veto Wednesday.

“President Bush has yet again decided—with the close support of John Sununu—to prevent real progress in the fight against diabetes, cancer, and numerous other diseases,” said Marchand. “With his vote against a veto-proof majority, John Sununu has enabled George Bush to attempt to deny millions of Americans hope for lifesaving cures.”

“New Hampshire voters overwhelmingly support stem cell research. John Sununu continues to prove that he is out of touch with the people of New Hampshire.”

A January Survey USA poll of likely New Hampshire Primary voters shows that the 62% of Republicans and 89% of Democrats support stem cell research.

Steve Marchand is the Mayor of Portsmouth, NH. He is the former Northeast Director of the Concord Coalition and Associate State Director ofAARP New Hampshire. His campaign website is