Brownback Book Calls to Renew the Family and Rebuild the Culture

His new book, "From Power to Purpose", hits shelves July 3rd

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Sam Brownback, Republican candidate for president, will release his new book "From Power to Purpose: A Remarkable Journey of Faith and Compassion" on July 3.

"If we ever lose our goodness, we will surely lose our greatness," writes Brownback. "If America is to stay great, the moral character, shared beliefs and common sense of her people will once again have to step up in order for us to achieve our true destiny and purpose."
As the title suggests, Brownback admits he got into politics in part for the notoriety and influence. It didn't take long before the seduction of power and pride began.

"Pride can be especially dangerous in a place like the United States Senate, where the walls are marble, and you're neverwrong, at least according to your press releases," says Brownback. 

But he found a new way and purpose that he spells out sincerely for readers. Brownback describes a need for our country and the Republican Party to expand to include more ideas based on compassion, renewing the family and rebuilding the culture.

Describing himself as a "bleeding-heart conservative," Brownback calls on the country to care as much about the child in Darfur as the child next door, as much about prison reform as taxreform, and the need for national reconciliation and the important role of faith in the public square.

Brownback details the compassionate work he has done to end horrors such as the genocide in Darfur, the repulsive violence in northern Uganda and the barbaric sex slave industry in the Sudan. He takes readers on a journey around the globe that leaves them uplifted by its possibilities.

"Americans can forge a path upward by looking inward. A great deal is riding on this generation," he writes.
Iraq: "Victory in this part of the world requires a political solution to match our military presence there. I think it's important to look seriously at the option of keeping Iraq together as a loose federation of separate states with a Kurdish area, a Sunni area, and a Shiite area, with Baghdad as a federal city. Both of our political parties will need to be very responsible here, or we could see even greater carnage in the MiddleEast."

Abortion: "Under the delusion that we're so modern, scientific, wise and in control of our world, society has been trying to play God and we're paying a price for that."

Immigration: "We have people crossing our borders illegally and breaking our laws. There need to be consequences for any individual who comes here illegally. As much as we can, we also should be as compassionate as possiblehelping people in difficult circumstances."

Heath Care: "I don't think most Americans want more government in their health care system. I'd like to see a greater emphasis on Health Savings Accounts. HSAs allow you to set aside your own money, tax exempt, to buy a medical insurance policy." 

Marriage: "In too many ways we've allowed, even encouraged, the decline of the familyunit. And we can't let the culture redefine the family for us, so that the family is any group of people who happen to live together. We need more commitment to marriage, not less."

Taxes and the Economy: "I think the current tax code should be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull axe. I strongly support an optional flat tax as a means to offer Americans a choice while we work to reform the current tax code. But step two of balancing the budget is to restrain federal spending."