SEIU Response to Republican Debate

Washington, DC –– “With all the questions Republicans were asked tonight, the most important one wasn’t asked:  when are you going to start talking about the issues that mean the most to working Americans?

“We’re still waiting to hear about health care.  We’re still waiting to hear about retirement.  We’re still waiting to hear a real solution for Iraq.

“And our members are still waiting to hear if one of the Republican candidates for president will take them up on the offer to spend a day walking in their shoes.

“Our members know that the things that unite us in this country – concerns about health care costs and our kids’ future, to name a few – outnumber the issues that divide us.  Blue state or red state, Republican, Democrat or Independent, we all care about ensuring our children have access to the American Dream.  If tonight’s debate was any indication, we’re going to have to keep waiting to hear from the Republican candidates.”