Conserve NH Calls on Gov. Romney for his Position on NH Civil Unions Law

“Over the years Mitt Romney has been inconsistent when it comes to protecting the sanctity of marriage,” said Conserve NH’s Paul Nagy. “His changing position on this issue is something Mr. Romney needs to clarify to secure the trust of New Hampshire’s conservative voters.

“In his 1994 senate race against Democrat Ted Kennedy, Mr. Romney said he would be better for gay rights than Sen. Kennedy. Today Mr. Romney says he opposes the New Hampshire civil unions law, but as recently as 2002, while governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney not only supported domestic partnership benefits, but said he would make them a ‘hallmark of his leadership as governor.’”

Nagy added, “Aren’t the two the same Mr. Romney? How can Granite State voters trust your latest stance on an issue that is central to the health and well being of New Hampshire families? We call on Mr. Romney to clarify his changing position on gay marriage and the importance of protecting traditional families.”

Mr. Nagy, a longtime conservative activist, and hundreds of New Hampshire voters joined together to form Conserve NH, a citizen petition drive to urge Gov. John Lynch to veto the civil unions bill. Over 200 citizens signed the petition in the first 24-hours of the petition drive. Conserve NH will continue to fight to protect the traditional family unit, the strongest thread in the fabric of our society.

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