Ulery (R-Hills27) Speaks at National Conference

Representative Jordan Ulery(R-Hillsborough 27 Hudson-Litchfield-Pelham) spoke recently at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia , PA at a meeting of State Legislators for Legal Immigration. Ulery was in Philadelphia for the 34th annual meeting of American Legislative Exchange Conference (ALEC), a non-partisan public-private partnership to help develop and network policy ideas for state legislators.

The Legal Immigration organization was begun by Representative Daryl Metcalf of Pennsylvania to bring together state legislators from across the nation to discuss the effects and possible solutions to the wave of illegal immigration that resulted from the previous administrations failure to enforce federal law.

The coalition of members of 30 states’ (and growing) legislative bodies gathered to discuss how the issue of illegal immigration directly affects the local state finances and job markets in the various regions of the United States . Representative Ulery stated that he has “worked closely with 25 other members of the New Hampshire General Court to address the issue which has effects even in the Northeast.” Ulery commented to the assembled legislators that ICE agents has earlier this summer arrested a half-dozen illegal aliens at a job site in Berlin, New Hampshire, near the Canadian border, who hailed from Central America.

Representing the various members seventeen separate legislators were present to demonstrate the need for immediate action on the part of both the several sovereign states and the federal government to address the impact that illegal immigration has on people and the citizens of the several states. Even in small New Ipswich a van carrying illegal aliens were found who had been paid the sum of $18.00 each for removing and re-roofing a large house in a nearby community. “$18.00 for the laborer and how much for the so-called employer?” was Ulery’s question to his colleagues.

In the past Representative Ulery, along with Representatives Renzullo Itse, Lynne Ober, former Representative Buhlman, and others have sponsored legislation that directly attacks the issue byaddressing the effect of illegal immigration on businesses and upon people. Last year a Republican sponsored bill making Peonage (forcedlabor) a crime was signed into law, albeit with no absolutely fanfare from the Governor. Said Ulery; “This year a Republican sponsored bill addressing the issue of Human Trafficking, a byproduct of illegal immigration,was shunted aside by the majority party into an interim study committee, a study committee which has yet to meet.”

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New Hampshire Representative Jordan Ulery spoke on illegal aliens’ impact on jobs and how they are being used as virtual slaves. He pointed out that New Hampshire would not even come to anyone's mind when you mention illegal immigration, but it is happening there.

Illegal Immigration is "trying for the lowest common denominator instead of striving for the highest common denominator. That is a quality workforce and quality individuals." Ulery said.

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Jordan G. Ulery

Member 160th New Hampshire General Court

Republican - Hillsborough 27th