Americans United for Chage, Local Leaders, Release Report on Sununu Obstructionism

SenatorNO: New Report Shows How Allard Obstructs Legislation Supported by New Hampshire Residents

WASHINGTON – Americans United for Change and local leaders and community activists, including Rep. Mike Brunelle, Jesse Martinueau, and Mike Farley held a press conference call today to release a startling new report and to launch a new statewide campaign to highlight Senator John Sununu's R-NH, obstruction of major legislative initiatives favored by a vast majority of Americans and New Hampshire residents.  The report, prepared by the Campaign for America’s Future which, along with Americans United for Change, launched a national anti-obstruction campaign last week targeting Senate Republicans who are using the filibuster and supporting veto threats by President Bush to thwart popular legislation, details how Sen. Sununu has stood in the way of passing major legislation that would put the country, and state of Colorado, back on the right track.

“It is reprehensible that Republicans in the Senate like Senator Sununu are standing in the way of vital initiatives supported by the vast majority of Americans to safely end the war in Iraq, lower prescription drug prices for seniors, reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil and allow workers to organize to protect their pensions, wages and healthcare,” said Rep. Mike Brunelle representing Americans United for Change.  “Republicans are employing an unprecedented number of filibusters – on pace to break all historical records in the U.S. Senate– for nothing more than pure politics and to protect their special interest patrons in drug, insurance and oil companies who, above all else, want to protect the trough of corporate welfare they have been feeding at during the last six years of Bush-Republican rule.  For Senator Sununu and his allies in the Senate and in the White House to stand in the way of popular legislation and then to make charges of a ‘do-nothing Congress’ is ludicrous– and is akin to the mugger who robbed the postman complaining about the mail not being delivered on time.  This report, and this campaign, will seek to expose to every person in this state what Senator Sununu is up to, what the stakes are for them and their families and to create a groundswell outrage which we hope will convince Senator Sununu to drop these obstructionist tactics once and for all.”

“Seniors have been waiting for years for a fair, affordable and user friendly prescription drug benefit – much like the hospitalization and doctors visits they get from Medicare,” said Rep. Mike Farley, a seniors advocate.  “What the Republicans gave seniors in 2003 in creating the Part D drug benefit was a costly, confusing and corrupt program which favored the bottom lines of drug companies – not seniors.  Part D, as drafted by the Republicans and their drug company allies, actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating with drug companies for the best possible prices for seniors – a sop to the big drug companies at the expense of seniors.  That Senator Sununu, President Bush and Senate Republicans would stand in the way of legislation supported by a majority of the Senate to level the playing field and require Medicare to negotiate so seniors on fixed incomes can get the lowest possible prices for their drugs is sickening.  Polls show as much as 80 percent of the country– an astounding number – favors Medicare drug negotiation. This obstruction by Senator Sununu of the people’s interest to protect the special interests must not stand.”

The report, titled “Obstructing by Filibuster: How New Hampshire Senator John Sununu is Obstructing Progress,” exposes the right wing’s strategy of obstructing popular reforms for pure politics and in defense of their special interest cronies in drug, oil and insurance companies while attacking a “do-nothing Congress.”  The report is part of a month-long campaign, led by Americans United for Change and the Campaign for America’s Future, to directly challenge 12 senators over the congressional recess for obstructing legislation supported by a majority of Americans and their own state’s constituents. Other Senate targets include Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,R-KY., Norm Coleman, R-Minn., John Sununu, R-N.H., Susan Collins, R-Maine, Pete Domenici, R-N.M., Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, John Ensign, R-Nev., George Voinovich, R-Ohio, Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., John Warner, R-VA., and Pat Roberts, R-Kan.

Senate Republicans have launched 43 filibusters on popular reforms in the first 7 months of this Congress, that’s on a pace that will triple the previous record.  President Bush has threatened 31 vetoes between May 1 and August 1, including a threat to legislation that would extend health care to millions of children, lower interest rates on student loans, and increase monitoring of food and other imports through our nation’s ports.  In addition to the report, the Campaign for America’s Future unveiled a Harry Potter-style video parody starring Jason Alexander, also known as “George Costanza” on the hit television series Seinfeld. The video “catches on tape” the conservative mastermind orchestrating the Republican obstruction.

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