Gore Delegate Applications Being Circulated

New Hampshire Draft Gore Committee Now Circulating
Democratic Convention Delegate Applications

(Littleton, NH)The Draft Gore, New Hampshire! organizing committee
is now accepting applications from registered Democrats and
undeclared New Hampshire voters who wish to support former Vice
President Al Gore at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The application to become a committed Gore delegate will be
distributed at the Upper Valley Draft Gore volunteersmeeting
beginning at 6:30PM on Thursday, August 16, at the Haldeman Center,
at DartmouthCollege.

Editor's Note: Formore information about the Draft Gore,
NewHampshire! organization, please read the  FAQ belowand
Draft Gore, New Hampshire!
Q. What is "Draft Gore,New Hampshire!"?
A. DGNH is a New Hampshire grass roots effort--organized, coordinated and paid for-by Granite Staters concerned about the direction of our country and about restoring the nation's moral leadership and stature among nations.

The major premise of DGNH is that all experienced American leaders should be encouraged to enter the NH presidential primary and general and join the public conversation about the future of our country and our planet and to help define America's role in the survival of both.

It is NOT endorsed, supported or affiliated with Al Gore or any political party, political campaign, or individual candidate (announced or unannounced) for political office.

Q. What are your goals?
A. Draft Gore, NewHampshire! has three principal goals:
(1) To persuade Al Gore himself that the nation is at a critical juncture, facing daunting challenges domestically and internationally, and that his active, elected political leadership is vital to reestablishing the nation's moral compass and addressing mankind's leading challenge--global climate change.

(2) To persuade Al Gore to enter the New Hampshire primary by demonstrating that there is broad, statewide grassroots support for his leadership.

(3) To develop a cadre of supporters and volunteers who, if he enters the NH primary and general election, will be available to help him compete and win both.

Where's the money coming from?
A. Draft Gore, New Hampshire! is funding itself through the sale of posters, bumper stickers, labels, buttons, etc. It does not accept contributions. It has a sponsorship limit of $199 per NH resident.

Who's doing this?
A. The prime organizer is Farrell S. Seiler, Chairman of the New Hampshire Wind Energy Association, and longtime environmentalist (and ex-Republican).

Is the Draft Gore, New Hampshire! movement only for Democrats?
A. DGNH is strictly non-partisan. Any NH Resident, regardless of party affiliation, is actively encouraged to join and will be expected to participate actively in securing the Democratic presidential nomination for Al Gore.

Draft Gore, NewHampshire! initiative is not anti-Obama, anti-Edwards, anti-Hillary or "anti" any announced candidate, Democrat or Republican or undeclared.

It is strictly "pro" Gore.

What happens next?
A. When Al Gore finally, irrevocably decides to enter (or not enter) the Presidential nomination process, the Draft Gore, New Hampshire!organization automatically dissolves itself.

How can I get involved?
A. Tell us what you can do to help:  JoinUs@DraftGoreNH.com.
Draft Gore, New Hampshire! - PO Box 463 - Littleton,NH 03561
JoinUs@DraftGoreNH.com - 603-568-4916