The Next Huckabee Surprise, NH Endorsements and much more

The Governor is in Indiana today after spending last weekend in New Hampshire and much of this week campaigning across South Carolina. His trips into New Hampshire and South Carolina generated great coverage and I have included a few of the stories below.

In New Hampshire we picked up a number of prominent endorsements this week and in Virginia the Speaker Bill Howell endorsed the Governor, another great addition to our team.

More to follow in the days ahead.

Chip Saltsman
National Campaign Manager

In the News:
1.  Newsday's James Pinkerton had a great column this week discussing Governor Huckabee.

2.  The Next Huckabee Surprise?  A must-read op-ed by the Washington Post's David Broder.

3.  This editorial ran in today's Boston Globe discussing Governor Huckabee's support for Arts and Music Education.

New at
1.  Governor Huckabee's schedule for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

2.  A list of NH endorsements from this week.

3.  The announcement of Virginia Speaker Bill Howell's endorsement

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5.  New banners for your personal websites and blogs.

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