Sen Edwards Outlines Bold Plan to End War in Iraq and Improve Care for Veterans

(Manchester, NH) – Today, the Edwards family will conclude their four-day ‘Fighting for One America’ bus tour across New Hampshire. Senator John Edwards discussed his bold plan to end the war in Iraq and improve medical care and the disability claims process for veterans.

"Elizabeth and I really enjoyed this tour and thank the people of New Hampshire for their hospitality," Edwards said. "This was a great opportunity to talk to people across the state and to ask for their support in this effort to bring about the real change our country needs.

“We need to change course in our foreign policy and end the war in Iraq and bring our soldiers home to the hero’s welcome they deserve,” Edwards continued. “That includes honoring the ‘Sacred Contract’ we have with our soldiers and veterans to provide them with the best possible medical care and process for providing disability benefits.”

There are currently about 140,000 veterans living in New Hampshire. 171 have been wounded and 19 killed in Iraq from New Hampshire.

Edwards continues to drive the Democratic agenda with his specific ideas to transform our country. While Washington continues to offer only rhetoric, empty talk and half-measures, Edwards is offering courage, conviction and bold ideas to build one America.

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