Balanced Party Candidate Daley Discusses Alternatives on Foreign Policy

Per Obama Foreign Policy - Here, we do not have a war plan and exit strategy, and not too sure how much congress has really declared war on Afghanistan. Further,  more than likely bin Laden is in Sweden. Where does Obama also come up with a number of 7,000 American lives are to be sent there too  ?

Is this because Hillary goaded Obama on wanting to talk to our feared neighbors ? If this is the case , and this man is in office, I would say 'duck'. 'Good campaign tactic , Bill !' 

Also why are not these candidates dealing with an exit strategy instead for Iraq, and a plan to actually talk to Iran about becoming a model Islamic nation of pride by helping them with their nuclear energy. In becoming a multinational business interest of the UN as a proud owner of a safe and clean, state of the art , Nuclear power plant that the US, and UN have helped Iran realize through lesssons learned, would there be any need for nuclear Arms?

In Foreign Policy, we need a few more dimensions. Please consider that Foreign Policy cannot be an Attitude, and Defense is not to be weak like it is now. I do not view Diplomacy and Defense as being exclusive of the other, either, but are mutually dependent on each other for each one's effectiveness in serving the other; Simply we walk with two legs, not one.

The Defense System gives Diplomacy its Teeth, and Diplomacy provides Defense its Faculty of Reason. It is my view that the two are inseparable when engaging in Pre-Emptive and Unilateral Actions.

Diplomacy orphaned from Defense can only be 'Meaningless Lip Service',and Defense when orphaned from Diplomacy can continue in a non focused manner, that is subject to Tangential Agenda's, or simply the business of War, while at the cost of Squandering American Lives as well as the innocent.

If the two halves of a brain cannot work together, then the body cannot function properly. If the two vital components of National Security do not work together, then our National Security does not serve our Nation's Safety.

About bin Laden, Please note the enclosed when you can,


Orion -

Osama Bin Laden, where is he, and what happened to him ?

There are still many issues that must be addressed about both Osama Bin Laden and September 11th, 2001.The following is for the purpose to raise the level of scrutiny specifically in terms of Osama Bin Laden with respect to the eventual Due Process that he and/or the smoke and mirrors around him deserves. What ever becomes unraveled in discovery between truth and myth in this Due Process deserves to be if we are to move forward from 911.

In looking back, just after 911, Osama Bin Laden was on everyone's mind. The Bush administration depicted him as the No. 1 Evil Do'er . The message promoted was that Clinton is to be blamed for not getting him some time before although the Bush Administration did not have him on the radar prior 911 and actually not until a few days after when George Bush finally showed up at Ground Zero.

But the hunt was now on ! George Bush finally came back from his extended stay at the ranch, to proudly give the United States and the World his commitment to get and bring Osama Bin Laden to justice and to answer for crimes against humanity ! In fact, he said this while standing on a mound of smoldering rubble where the World Trade Center towers had stood; and where perhaps rescue efforts could safely assume to look beneath once he stepped off of it.

Periodically, videos would arrive on the news, depicting Osama Bin Laden as the religious extremist behind the Al Quada movement, and that they dwelt in Afghanistan with the Taliban who was once a US ally. In the video's, Osama Bin Laden's appearance would consistently be in his rag-tagged military fatigues, old dirty humble turban, and with his machine gun within reach.

After an initial push into Afghanistan, by US forces, with Hamid Karzai being anointed as President of Afghanistan, which amounts to nothing more than being the Mayor of Kabul, Osama Bin Laden supposedly escaped through secret mountain paths, and then eventually slipped off the George Bush radar screen. Bush then decided to wage war on Iraq as Saddham Hussan was supposed to somehow be Osama Bin Laden's friend and Iraq with its mighty forces were the next imminent threat to invade ourshores !

Periodically, press videos from Osama Bin Laden would still arrive on the news, and sometimes in a timely manner that would support the Bush War on Terror Iraq agenda. One of which was during the Bush and Kerry Election 2004 debates. It helped the Bush ratings the following day in making his case. This was actually the last video shown of him, where a few years later it was promoted in the news that Osama Bin Laden was probably and suddenly dead ! Can we actually and safely say 'thank goodness the hunt is over now' ?

In the last video, Osama Bin Laden was not dressed in his usual garb, and there was no machine gun, and in fact, as was previously the case, he was not speaking from a cave. Instead, he was cleanly bathed, dressed in clean white linen, and stood in back of some alter, where behind him was some form of royal blue material backdrop. I thought this was odd, as it was a pious Osama Bin Laden like persona instead of the usual extremist Osama Bin Laden persona.

He stated very clearly, that the only country that was not under threat of the Osama Bin Laden redemption movement was Sweden. It was the only country that he would not attack. I wondered why, as was it that he was saying , so don't look for me in Sweden? It would make more sense to me not to attack a place where one chooses to live. Sweden, additionally would not need the national security program that other countries would require, and therefore less of a chance of Osama Bin Laden being spotted there.

I'm not sure what the reasoning for ignoring this was by the Bush administration, as perhaps our intelligence effort shouldn't waste their time going to Sweden. Could reasoning be palatable that intends that obviously what would Osama Bin Laden be there of all places, when he generally liked to be depicted in a cave with his loyal followers in rag-tagged military fatigues with his gun at his side ?

Perhaps in 2004, it did not even any sense to investigate every plastic surgeon in Sweden or in visiting could operate there, as obviously there is no hint of a reason why ?

So now he is supposedly dead, and the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden is no more ? This is not good enough for closing out the Osama Bin Laden issue, where in representing a match head to ignite the war on terror, we also deserve to discover what or who actually struck the match head, and what and who made the kindling for the fire.

Orion Karl Daley Presidential Candidate for 2008 for the Strategic Future of our nation Balanced Party New York, NY, USA -